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The Cosmic Stones Project


Cosmic Stones are stones from Earth that have been selected and transformed into art objects designed for the space environment.

The Cosmic Stones space art project has been initiated to address the issue of human destiny at a most critical moment in its history. In short, it simply inserts the question: "Will humanity's future be a 'Space Age' or a 'Stone Age'?" into the current discourse about sustainability and survival. It is my conviction that the act of launching Cosmic Stones into space will help to open the space frontier to all forms of human activity because, if I am successful, this project will be an example of how it is possible for an individual to actively participate in humanity's space endeavors. As such, this project may help to enable a new and viable "Space Age" with unlimited potential for our species and for all other forms of life sharing our planet. By choosing a "Space Age" our species can avoid irrevocably retreating into a "Stone Age" which would surely mean the end of current civilization for the foreseeable future.

Our species has reached a pivotal point in its evolutionary history and it appears that the moment has now arrived for us to make a critical choice about our future - both on Earth and, consequently,  in the cosmos.  This decision could be called our "Cosmic Choice" - a choice which conceivably must be made by all potential spacefaring civilizations at the appropriate moment in their particular history. Maybe it is a test? If we pass the test, we survive and prosper. If we fail, then we perish.  

In the words of Robert Heinlein:

"It may take endless wars and unbearable population pressure to force-feed a technology to the point where it can cope with space. In the universe, space travel may be the normal birth pangs of an otherwise dying race. A test. Some races pass, some fail."
(Robert Heinlein, I Will Fear No Evil, 1970)

The Cosmic Stones space art project  embodies this challenge in a physical and conceptual art work that literally and artistically combines the microcosmos with the macrocosmos, one that utilizes the terrestrial and extra-terrestrial forces of nature in its both concept and realization and one that  connects our species' history on Earth with its future destiny in space. The project is designed to  proceed in various stages of development  including realizations in micro-gravity environments,  on space habitats and,  ultimately,  on the surfaces of other celestial bodies.

I and many others share the belief that expansion into space is critical to the future well-being and survival of our species. At the left side of each page on this website you will find a quote from people who have thought quite a lot about this issue.

For answers to specific questions about the background and purpose of the Cosmic Stones project and how it is being implemented, I have prepared an Introduction Section with links to the following aspects of the project.

What are Cosmic Stones?

Origins of the Cosmic Stones in my Art

The Cosmic Stones as Art Objects

The Suitability of the Cosmic Stones in the Space Environment

Our Future: Will it be a "Space Age" or a "Stone Age"?

The Cosmic Stones Project as an Artistic Catalyst of the Space Age

Project Development and Implementation



Our Future: Will it be a Space Age or a Stone Age?



"Many, and some of the most pressing, of our terrestrial problems can be solved only by going into space. Long before it was a vanishing commodity, the wilderness as the preservation of the world was proclaimed by Thoreau. In the new wilderness of the Solar System may lie the future preservation of mankind."
Arthur C. Clarke



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